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Hip Hop Jewelry: Origins

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Born in the 80's with the emergence of rappers like LL Cool J and M.C. Hammer, Hip Hop Fashion was characterized by brightly colored track suits, sneakers with over-sized shoelaces, and heavy gold jewelry.  As the 80's waned, black nationalism increased, bringing in stylistic elements with traditional African influences.  No matter where the dominance in each individual style came from, hip hop fashion has always been about being colorful, over-sized, and making a statement.

The classic hip hop star's story was a touching tale that began in poverty. So many rappers had been "in west Philadelphia, born and raised" or had a history that started with a single mom working two jobs just to put food on the table.  So used to living paycheck to paycheck, these stars could never afford to have anything made of gold, much less a large gold pendant on a long gold chain. When they finally achieved the income to buy such a piece of jewelry, it was an accomplishment they wanted the world to see. Thus, hip hop jewelry started as a statement of success and wealth. Featuring large pendants and chains made of precious metals, it was a luxury only provided to the rich.   

With the advance of jewelry making techniques and the affordability of gold, buying these pieces is a luxury you no longer have to forego. From pendants and chains to watches and rings, Thug Fashion has genuine silver and gold hip hop jewelry to fit your tastes and budget.

Don't wait to feel like the stars, and grab your piece of success today!