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Announcing the Grand Opening of The Bling Factory

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We have some big news to share with you today…

It’s official - Thug Fashion has changed its name to The Bling Factory! our new website and our new company name.

The reason for the name change is that our owners decided “The Bling Factory” is a better reflection of our vision and the continuous evolving of our jewelry line. Although we’re still the #1 choice for buying hip hop jewelry online, our product line is also expanding to better serve the evolving nature of the fashion jewelry industry.

So… what does this mean for you? Well, we have a ton of new product lines in the works - many of which will be out later this year!

And if you’re an existing customer, don’t worry - everything you loved about Thug Fashion is still here with The Bling Factory. We are still the same company with:

  • The same staff and excellent customer service
  • The same management & owners
  • The same great products & prices!

The only change is our company name, logo and domain. Oh yeah, and a fresh new website!

You’ll still find all your favorite hip hop jewelry items including chains, bracelets, earrings, grillz and more!

Thug Fashion set the benchmark for quality hip hop jewelry online, and The Bling Factory will continue in the same tradition.

Our company works with hand-selected manufacturers in the industry to ensure that every piece of jewelry in our store measures up to our own high quality standards. Not only that… but we promise to always bring you the latest and hottest styles!

Combine this with the best customer service in the business and you’ve got the obvious choice anytime you want to shop for jewelry online.

Check out our men's gold plated chains – home of the internet’s largest selection of gold-plated chains for men. These chains are solid brass with real 14k gold plating that look and feel just like the real thing at just a fraction of the cost.

10mm 14k Gold Plated Concave Cuban Link Curb Chain Necklace - CHN220  8mm 14k Gold Plated Rope Chain Necklace - NEC370  4mm 14k Gold Plated Snake Chain Necklace - NK1338

We also have some of the best iced out jewelry on the market with iced out ringsiced out chains and iced out bracelets for you to choose from. Everyone loves an icy new ring that looks exactly like real diamond jewelry – browse our selection and you’re sure to find just what you’re looking for.

Men's Rhodium Plated Micro-Pave Iced Out Cubic Zirconia Band Ring - RN1167

Here’s a small taste of our new product lines:

For all the female readers out there, check out our new women’s gold-plated CZ rings – these rings feature contemporary designs with real gold plating and beautifully set stones

(Guys, if you’re looking for something for your girlfriend - these might be worth a look too…)

Women's Gold Plated 3-Stone Round Pink & Light Purple CZ Ring - GL-LR141

And if you’re looking for something a little different – see our new line of biker jewelry

26mm Men's High Polished Stainless Steel Fleur De Lis Bracelet - ST-SKB101

2016 is going to be a great year and we’re excited about the new site and new products – if you want to get free email updates on new releases and special offers you can sign up below.

And please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the new website, product lines, ordering process, or anything else!

Take care and thanks for your support!

The Bling Factory Team

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